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SQROOM, 2015

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Albarola public square, Lodi

Competition, 1st prize

Location: Lodi
Year: 2011 - 2015
Surface: 1600 m²
Client: Municipality of Lodi
Design team: Andrea Ambroso, Enrico Dusi, Saverio Panata

The proposed square is approximately 80x80 meters and is enclosed by four corner buildings, ranging in height from five to seven storeys, from which it is separated by a 3-metre-wide perimeter road that manages traffic flows. The two environments are in turn separated by a bench that, apart from functioning as a virtual fence, also marks a change in level: the plaza is raised some 40 centimeters above the level of the street. The functional motivation behind this move is that it made it possible to insert earth for plantings above the slab of the plaza (the lower space is used as underground parking). The formal justification is that the plaza resembles a solid out of which four rooms can be carved, each with its own specific function. One, with an encircling form, is a children's play area. A second, rectangular space, shaded by four trees, is designed as a meeting point for the elderly. The third, whose paving features the lines of a basketball court, is designed to be used for small-scale sports, as a market (on certain days of the week) and, when necessary, as parking. The final space, located at the corner, was designed without a specific functional programme.

Enrico Dusi is an architect based in Venice, Italy.
In 2004 he graduated with Master's Degree in architecture at the IUAV Faculty of Architecture in Venice.
From 2007 to 2012 he was a researcher and teaching assistant of the "Master's Degree in City and Territories" at the IUAV University, Faculty of Architecture in Venice.
He has been guest professor at the Faculty of Architecture at the Università degli studi Roma Tre and lecturer at IUAV.
From 2008 to 2014 he was founder and partner of Spedstudio.
Spedstudio's projects have been published in many national and international magazines and exhibited at Villa Noailles at Hyères, France.
In 2015 he established Enrico Dusi Architecture which is working on a wide range of projects.


Enrico Dusi Architecture
S.Croce, 1392
I - 30135 Venice

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MTL, Multiplex cinemas, Verona I, 2008
SHOWROOM A3, Cars showroom, Verona I, - 2007-2008 - Built
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